I first discovered this company through a coupon for granite countertops. I manage an apartment building in Seattle and wanted to upgrade from melamine to granite. The company I used before finding ATG Built made life very difficult for the contractors, the handymen and myself. There were too many demands and they “didn’t do that” when it came to corbels or seams or backsplashes. ATG Built does it all! And, it’s not just “done”…..it’s done to perfection! I even hired them for my own home….there will never be another company I hire besides these gentlemen. The reviews I get from my contractors and tenants have been nothing short of exceptional. Just when I think I know what the end product will look like, I’m wowed! I would recommend this company over and over again. I just hope they’ll still have room for me on my next project. Hire them….you will NEVER be disappointed.

Kat, Seattle WA